Since 1980s

Since 1980s, USAUKES has invested in energy and natural resources industries around the world. Major investment areas are:

Petroleum and natural gas/Oil field service   Development and production   Refinery   Generation and transmission
Alternative and renewable energy   New energy technology   Middle reaches   Mining and metals

 Though facing the challenge of volatility in commodity ,the changed regulatory environment and low level balance of technology, DUKES still thinks a lot of energy and natural resources sector。 Also, USADUKES has created remarkable investment performances by providing funds for companies’ development, mergers and acquisitions。 USADUKES is also the pioneer of the “mufti-round financing” mode。 This mode would free companies from worries about financing 。Intensive condition of business, global network and a long view lead USADUKES become the first choice of being energy industry’s investment partner of private equity。

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