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The price of gold went into a blind alley

This week is the big data week, which mainly includes the “special fund” meeting at 9:00 this morning and the Fed’s interest rate decision from tomorrow evening. Although the overall gold price is still concussive in the short term, adjustments are made within the range of 1290-1308 given in the previous period. However, I believe there will be greater turbulence in the gold and foreign exchange markets before and after the advent of the data. Therefore, we should now make arrangements for coping with the situation. Still, the middle line still has opportunities. Gold on the daily line out of the bottom of the pattern yesterday, the white plate continued to weaken, even if the European plate also continued the decline, the US plate out of the opposite trend, yesterday morning in 1301 directly given the empty single layout, the European dish Retreating from the 1294-95 suggests a profit of 6 US dollars, because the 1293 support is not broken, after the empty single backhand, the backhand above the 1294-95 direct approach to do more, after the US disk also suggested that in the top 1300 profit of 5-6 dollars or more Out.

In addition, the rest of the day is the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. You should seize the time and keep up with our midline layout. The dip in the gold day-line bottomed out, and after the rebound in the US session, the short-term rebound is certainly not a weak one. Although it has not broken through the highs of the previous rally, the short-term white line on the short-term line is not recommended to be short-selling, because the risk Larger, there is not much profit.

On the 4-hour line, the white plate and the two yin fell. The daily positive rebound of the U.S. plate regained all the losses of the white plate. The 4-hour line was negative for the Dayang bag. The early morning broke through the high and low rebound, and the late closing line held high. Strong short-term, so the first look at the rebound in the white plate, but overall we still look at the range of 1290-1308 shock-based, it is not recommended to do too radical layout, high throw low suction is still the most appropriate operation, remember not to chase Going up and down. Below the first to rely on 1290 to do more, the goal to see the top out of 1300, above or above the 1305 above the empty, defense 1310, the target to look back at 1297-1293.
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