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Analysis of Non-US U.S. Currency Short-term Trends on June 12

Analysis of Non-US U.S. Currency Short-term Trends on June 12
Daily level: After falling unilaterally, the turmoil was low. The rebound of the exchange rate was blocked near the middle of the Bollinger Band. KDJ had signs of reviving the Sicha, and the downside risk increased. The initial support was near the June 5 low of 1.3300. If this position is lost, it is expected to further explore the support of the Bollinger Band.
However, the MACD low fork signal is still on the top of the Bollinger Bands near the 1.3412 resistance near the track, if you accidentally regain the position, weaken the short-term downside risk, June 7 high resistance near 1.3470, May 18 high Resistance in the 4 hour level: shocks, short-term shocks down; the exchange rate in the vicinity of the Bollinger Bands, the Bollinger Bands open, MACD City Sicha operation and initially under the zero axis, KDJ Sicha operation, the exchange rate may delay the cloth The lower line of the forest line runs downwards and initially supports near 1.3336. The stronger support is around the 61.8% retracement of the 1.3203-1.3470 rally around 1.3305. If this position is lost, the market outlook may retest the support near 1.3205.
The initial resistance above 1.3368 is concerned with the resistance near the middle of the Bollinger Band 1.3401. If you accidentally recover this position, you weaken the short-term bearish signal.
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