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Euro, Pound, Yen and Spot Gold Short-term Quotes Analysis

On Friday in the European market, the Dukascopy Bank analyzed the views and sorted out the short-term movements of the euro, pound sterling, Japanese yen and spot gold.

The exchange rate was repressed by the 55/100-hour moving average on Thursday and further lowered the 1.1500 line. However, after the bulls restarted their uptrend, the exchange rate could be helped by a strong upward move to break through the previous three moving averages. So far today, although the price may further increase, there is still a 200-hour moving average and a 4-hour 55/100 SMA moving average and a weekly resistance at 1.1670 holding a long bullish rally. It is expected that the price will not break the resistance level within days, and the bears will be pulled lower again. The price, taking some profit from previous sessions.
The price is expected to trade between the aforementioned averages on Friday.
Beijing time 17:49, EUR/USD 1.1667

By Yingying Eagles yesterday's support, the bulls once broke through the 55-hour, 100-hour moving average and hourly resistance at 1.3232. The highest touched 1.3269 during the day. Today, the exchange rate continued its upward trend yesterday and further increased.
Given that the current price is currently breaking the 1.3300 mark and there are still signs of further upward movement, the bullish market bulls still have some upside. The latter resistance level looks to 1.3375. If the price gains are strong, once the resistance level is exceeded, it is expected to further explore the 1.3478 resistance level. On the contrary, if the price rises above 1
On the contrary, if the price fails to continue rising after surpassing the 1.3300 line, the market outlook may retrace. The previous support turned to resistance. Strong support ahead looks 1.3180.
Beijing time 17:54, pounds/dollars reported 1.3314

As the bulls did not rise above the 111.00 mark yesterday, the exchange rate rose after reaching 110.75. After the bears took the upper hand, the price fell below the 55-hour, 100-hour and 200-hour moving average support.
Given that the current price is still supported by the 100.200 SMA average position of 109.95 in the 4 hours chart, short shorts will still have some room to fall before falling to the previous upward trend line. In addition, 110.20 first-line material will inhibit the bullish intraday uptrend.
Beijing time 18:00, USD/JPY reported 110.15

4. Spot gold:
Since the price had previously fallen below the 1265 key support, the lowest measure was the 1260th integer mark, and so far the price has rebounded weakly.
Current technical indicators began to slowly rise from previously oversold areas. Analysts believe that this is a preliminary signal that market sentiment may change. Although long days may not help gold to make too much profit, it is expected that this upward trend will lead to gold draw next week. The price climbed upwards.
It is predicted that the price of gold will fluctuate within days or within the range of 1255-1285.
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